Speeches in Parliament

Anne Marie Morris MP stands up for micro-businesses

Anne Marie Morris calls for proper recognition for micro-businesses and for the Government to set up a scheme similar to that in France which provides limited liability, a very simple form of establishing a business, simple accounting procedures, a very simple tax system, and provides for very simple sets of regulation, particularly in respect of employment.

Anne Marie Morris MP warns of cost of new EU directives on water

Anne Marie Morris welcomes the Government contribution to household water bills in the south west, but warns that further EU directives that will impact on the cost of preserving Devon's beaches must not be allowed to erode this benefit.

Anne Marie Morris MP raises concerns over business tax rate relief

During a debate on the localisation of business rates, Anne Marie Morris raises her concerns that areas where a large number of businesses get rate relief will lose out if the money given back to local communities is calculated on actual receipts rather than rateable value.