My Plan

  • Investment in Infrastructure

    What I Promised In 2015:Working with local councils to deliver better transport, parking and recreational facilitiesFurther investment in our coastal railway, new road schemes and a park and ride service to ease traffic congestion What I Have Delivered So Far:

  • More Opportunities in Education

    What I Promised In 2015:Fairer funding for schoolsMore teachers, classrooms and nurseries as our towns and villages grow What I Have Delivered So Far:

  • Better Healthcare for the Elderly

    What I Promised In 2015:More funding for the NHS locally and proper care for the elderly and infirmEnough GPs and health centres while getting the most out of our community hospitalsCampaign for our excellent charities which provide excellent help and support getting patients to and from their medical appointments 

  • 100% Superfast Broadband Coverage

    What I Promised In 2015:Press for new laws requiring developers to put in fibre optic cabling in all new houses and industrial unitsMore clarity as to what will be installed and when with support for communities that need satellite broadband when cabling is not viable What I Have Delivered So Far:

  • A Real Voice for People in Planning

    What I Promised In 2015:Fight for a real voice for local communities in the planning system meaning we can have new homes where we actually need and want themI want the law to have more teeth so that local communities have a bigger say in how building projects are managed in their area. What I Have Delivered So Far:

  • A Fairer Deal for Small Business

    What I Promised In 2015:Cut red tape and get a fundamental overhaul of business rates to make them affordable and fairI also want permanent reliefs on National Insurance and business rates and for a cut in VAT on property refurbishment and tourist accommodation thus helping boost small business growth in the area What I Have Delivered So Far: