I receive a large number of emails and I endeavour to respond to everyone who contacts me. To ensure constituents receive the most timely and efficient response to pressing concerns, I separate these emails out into 'Casework' and 'Policy' issues. As a result, my response time to your query may vary. Below you can find out what constitutes 'Casework' and 'Policy'. 

What is casework correspondence?

Casework is the day-to-day support that can be offered by a Member of Parliament to their constituents.

MPs are able to contact a number of different government agencies and departments on behalf of their constituents, including the local District and County council. I maintain a busy constituency office that processes hundreds of items of casework every month, and my team and I are ready to offer support on a range of issues affecting people in Newton Abbot. Examples include, among others:

  • Housing, homelessness, eviction and tenancy support.
  • Benefits and other social security payment.
  • Asylum, immigration and citizenship.
  • Local campaigns and support groups.
  • Education.
  • Health.

If you email my Parliamentary email account, a member of my team will log your case within our caseworker software. My team and I will ask you to fill out a written consent form, in order for me to make any inquiries on your behalf to assist with the matter as best as I can.

What is policy correspondence?

Every day I receives dozens of campaign emails from constituents concerned about a huge variety of national issues or current topical debates in the news. They are often identical emails which are sent from campaign organisations. I fully appreciate these issues are of importance to constituents; they are also important to me too as they make me aware of an issue and the strength of feeling on a subject.

The volume of correspondence means it can take a considerable time to reply, as individual casework must always take priority.