Anne Marie MP calls for changes to planning reform proposals

Anne Marie said

“I think most people would agree that current planning guidelines are in need of reform. They are inefficient, bureaucratic and time consuming and I welcome moves being made by the government to simplify the rules

However, any changes we make to our planning rules must provide suitable safeguards for those things that really matter to communities. Chief amongst these are our green spaces and natural environment.

I accept the real need for more affordable housing, not least because I want key workers and those brought up in our area to be able to get a foot on the local property ladder.

However, we must also protect our green spaces and natural environment in order to ensure they can be enjoyed for generations to come. As a result, I have approached the government calling for its proposed planning reforms to recognise the intrinsic value of the countryside and to offer a commitment to support genuinely sustainable development that does not prioritise short term economic interests over long term considerations.

| NPPF letter to Prime Minister