Westminster Hall Debate on South West Rail Links

On Tuesday I attended the debate on South West Rail Links in Westminster Hall. Colleagues from all parties across the South West spoke with one voice on the need for further rail investments to unlock the potential of our region. It was a good opportunity for me to continue to raise key questions surrounding the necessary work at both Dawlish and Teignmouth. 

One of the biggest pieces of work that was identified in the Peninsula Rail Task Force’s 20 year plan was the initial phases of the Teignmouth Cliffs resilience scheme. The Secretary of State and his ministers have given me assurances that they see this as a top priority. The Minister stated in his response that “The situation at Dawlish is important and we are addressing it”. I, along with colleagues from across the House, will continue to pursue this to make sure words are backed up with further action so we can implement the PRTF’s report and unlock the potential of the Great South West.

Watch the debate: https://goo.gl/vX2tRu

Read a transcript: https://goo.gl/h27EHR