Social Media, Campaign Emails and EDMs


Social Media

I try to post as regularly as possible on both Twitter and Facebook to keep constituents abreast of what I am doing both in Parliament and Newton Abbot. While it is a great way for me to post updates and receive constituents views on particular issues, I do not believe that they are an appropriate forum for me to conduct serious discussions with constituents. If you wish to contact me, please do so by post, telephone, or email – details of which can be found under the ‘Contact Me’ tab above – and I will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have.



Campaign Correspondence

I receive a very large volume of correspondence usually organised by campaigning websites, sometimes as many as 600-700 a day. With limited resources, while I endeavour to respond as quickly as I can to every communication that I receive from constituents, I am sure you will understand it is impossible for me to respond individually to every piece of campaign correspondence I receive. Therefore I set out my views on the main issues raised with me in this way via my website, you will find them under the ‘My Views’ tab above.



EDM’s (Early Day Motions)

Anne Marie has taken the decision not to sign any EDMs and has informed the Clerk of the House accordingly.

Alongside this, when an EDM is proposed it is not allocated a specific time for a hearing in the House. Therefore due to normal house business, EDMs will generally never get a hearing. Anne Marie feels that, at a cost of £600,000 per year EDMs represent an ineffective and costly method to do business.

That said, Anne Marie is committed to representing the views of her constituents and believes that there are much more effective ways of airing issues. She will gladly engage in the consultation process with any given Department, take part in relevant debates in the House of Commons and lobby Ministers.

More information on EDMs can be found here