Fresh Start Referendum Paper Launch

On Tuesday (17th May) I participated in a VoteLeave event led by Andrea Leadson to launch the Fresh Start EU Referendum papers. The Fresh Start project plans to publish, over the next couple of weeks, a series of papers on what leaving the EU might look like.

We will also be talking about how remaining in the EU will affect us, how the transition period of our exit might look, and then, a flavour of what our options will be once we get back our freedom to choose.

Follow the links to watch Tuesday’s event - and - Which was based on Andrea’s ministerial portfolio, Energy.

Andrea made two key points during her speech:

  1. That we will be required to ask the Commission for approval before negotiating new gas deals with international partners. This leaves us reliant on a group on unelected Eurocrats and diminishes our ability to act in our own interests.
  2. There is a proposal by the Commission to require member states to take on legal responsibility for each other’s gas security. If we remain therefore we become part of the ‘Energy Union’ and when other Member States face energy problems we will be required to deprive our own small businesses of energy here at home.

There will be further events and papers released over the coming weeks and Fresh Start will look to give an evidence based assessment of what the UK will look like both in and out of the EU.