100% Superfast Broadband Coverage

My Pledge:

  • Press for new laws requiring developers to put in fibre optic cabling in all new houses and industrial units
  • More clarity as to what will be installed and when with support for communities that need satellite broadband when cabling is not viable

What I Have Delivered So Far:

  • Continue to work with Gigaclear and Connecting Devon and Somerset to make sure phase two of the rollout delivers in rural areas that are unable to access Superfast Broadband.
  • BT and Connecting Devon and Somerset have finished the phase one rollout and have exceeded their targets.
  • The Government has committed to making access to 10MBp/s Broadband a legal requirement so those that have less than can request a connection to broadband no matter where they live.
  • Kept pressure on ministers, local councillors and connecting Devon & Somerset to deliver superfast broadband to Newton Abbot, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Kingsteignton and the 40 villages around them.
  • Pushed for phase one of the broadband rollout to deliver 90% connectivity as fast as possible
  • Lobbied ministers and councillors to urgently tender to deliver phase two of the broadband rollout to deliver 95% connectivity as fast as possible.
  • Introduced alternatives such as wireless and satellite suppliers to rural communities who can’t obtain a fibre connection in the short term including Kenton, Starcross and Ashcombe.
  • Arranged meetings in the most affected area of the constituency between Connecting Devon & Somerset, BT, local businesses, councillors and constituents.
  • Lobbied ministers to give priority to rural communities and extend funding to wireless and satellite connections